Year 3 NAPLAN Preparation - Narrative Writing

   What is Writing Club?

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Course Overview: So what exactly we will be covering in the course every week?

This course has been created specifically for those students sitting the NAPLAN examination in year 3, who want to improve their narrative writing skills. During the ten lessons, students will explore all the components necessary to write an excellent narrative. Students will be guided step by step through the process of plotting a well-constructed narrative that will impress the markers. Students will also learn to understand the requirements of the NAPLAN exam when writing a narrative.

Course Components

The narrative course takes students on a journey to discover all the vital components that must be included when writing an excellent narrative that will impress the markers.

Session 1 – Audience

Session 2 – Text Structure

Session 3 – Ideas

Session 4 – Character and Setting

Session 5 – Vocabulary

Session 6 – Cohesion

Session 7 – Paragraphing

Session 8 – Sentence Structure

Unit 9 – Punctuation

Unit 10 – Spelling

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and finishes in 10 weeks!
How does Writing Club works?
Writing Club presents its courses in a virtual campus. Students have their own secure login to: Access their online course Complete a variety of writing assignments Receive teacher feedback Courses are divided into eight weekly units, each with a specific goal. Students work through lessons and complete assignments in the sequence in which they appear. The teacher will mark and provide feedback on all writing assignments.
Who is my student’s teacher ?
We’d love for you to meet our amazing team of certified writing teachers! Browse our teacher biography page to get a sense of the level of expertise and enthusiasm they each bring to their jobs. If you’d like to know exactly which teacher will be overseeing your chosen course, contact us with your inquiry. All writing assignments are reviewed by your student’s assigned teacher. Assignments will receive personalized feedback, and may be returned with suggestions for improvement.
When can a student expect teacher feedback on an assignment?
Teacher feedback follows a specific schedule. While students are waiting on feedback on writing assignments, they can continue with lessons and quizzes up to the next Writing assignment. * If assignments are submitted between Monday 12:00 a.m – Thursday 11:59 p.m. Assignments will be returned no later than 24 hours from the day and time of submission. *If assignment is submitted Friday 12:00 a.m. – Friday 11:59 p.m. Assignments will be returned on Monday, no later than 72 hours after submission. * If assignments is submitted between Saturday 12:00 a.m. – Sunday 11:59 p.m. Assignments will be returned on Tuesday, no later than 48 hours after submission.

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